I don’t like swearing. Swearing is as useless as
flirting with a teacher. It won’t get you anywhere,
but it sort of feels good. Swearing makes you look
impatient, rude and careless. Saying ‘fuck’ around
every other sentence is like farting every fifteen
minutes. You can’t just stop doing it, because people
never forget your sins. You’ll always be the one
who did.
On the other hand, swearing takes away your anger.
It weakens your frustration, it reduces stress and
anxiety. Hell, I’d even say swearing is good for
the heart. Come on then, what’s more important:
your heart or being polite?
To me, this isn’t such an easy question. Which leads me
to my final statement:

I don’t fucking like swearing.

Auteur: natashaswartblog

Just another young woman trying to figure out life

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